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Adrian Obleton

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I'm a student at the University of Georgia with a passion for solving problems and strong analytical skills. I have experience in software development which has trained my ability to logically analyze problems and to break them down into their component parts. I am looking for opportunities to apply those learned skills as well as my strong interpersonal communication abilities to a position in strategy consulting.

When I'm not at school or working, I like to stay up to date on news and trends relating to business. I also like to play Go

Work Experience

Bridge to Consulting Extern - The Boston Consulting Group (August 2015)

Selected to participate in a week long externship designed to give me experience working on a consulting case team.

Building Entrepreneurial Leaders Extern - Bain & Company (August 2015)

During my week at Bain, I worked on a $3 billion industrial baked goods company. My work stream required me to analyze its profitability compared to its competitors and gain insights on which product lines or customer channels drive its performance.

Start Intern - PwC (June 2015 - July 2015)

While at PwC I had two rotations. The first was in their national data center. My major project during that time was to develop a system to keep track of the emergency supplies so that they had non-expired rations that could last for several days in the event of an emergency. My second rotation was with the records department. I worked on automating a process that was used to inform employees if they were not in compliance with the file check regulations. My spreadsheet will be used to save several hours for employees from all over the country.

Technical Analyst Intern - Principal Financial Group (May 2014 - August 2014)

As a technical analyst, my job primarily consisted of development work on portions of The Principal's website that allow small and medium businesses to manage the insurance plans they buy for employees. I had two major projects during my time there. The first was researching and implementing a build system transfer that would allow developers to improve workspace set up time by a factor of 8. The second was a code jam project, during which I led a team of 6, including a remote member, in the design and implementation of a proof of concept website in period of 3 days.

Software Development Intern - Partner Software Inc. (January 2014 - May 2014, August 2014 - December 2014)

As a software developer at Partner Software I worked on two main projects. The first was a rewrite of modules that improved code organization while also improving run time by over 100%. The second project was automating the installation process for new customers which saved hours during the set up process.

Web Development Intern - Four Athens (September 2013 - November 2013)

As a web developer at the non-profit Four Athens, I worked on setting up pages for various events that the organization was doing. I also implemented a mail sign up slider on the home page that increased mail list sign ups by 10%.

Service Clerk - Walgreen's (2011 - 2013)

As a service clerk, my primary job was to make sure customers had an enjoyable experience while in the stores. I consistently engaged customers to maintain a suggested sale rate more than double that of the store average.

Extra-curricular Activities

Undergraduate Supreme Councilor - Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity Inc. (May 2015 - Present)

Selected as one of five undergraduates to sit on ZBT's international 15 board of directors

External Vice President and Strategic Planning Chair - Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity Mu Chapter (January 2014 - Present)

As member at large for the Mu chapter of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, I spearheaded an initiative to drive change management through Agile practices using Trello. I persuaded the executive board to use a digital kanban to keep track of projects while also providing an incentive for brothers to complete their projects because the kanban is viewable by all fraternity members.

I also created a committee to recognize KPIs and set goals for various positions in the chapter. This way, we would be able to define what success looks like in each position and move towards those goals.

Secretary/Treasurer - Association for Computing Machinery (January 2014 - December 2014)

As Secretary and Treasurer for ACM I am responsible for handling the finances of the organization. I also play a major role in handling the organizations relationship with the Computer Science department and the local technology start up community. I am directly responisible for creating new relationships with several business, including Deloitte and KPMG to improve the professional development opportunities of ACM'members.